Cevapcici recipe

CEVAPCICI (sp .: Che-wap-chi-chi)

"It depends on the size ..."

Who does not know her? These small, finger-length and thumb-thick minced meat rolls?

They are real immigrants from the Balkans (now I almost wrote a balcony ...), who came to Germany with the guest workers in the 60s. (In addition to many other delicious things that brought us this still.)

And because of the wave of travelers that started then, some of them got to know and love these crispy fried or grilled Cevapcici on vacation.

Although we know here also Fleischküchle, meatballs, Fleischpflanzerl and as they are still called, but really "nice and sharp" are not with us. Yo, mustard may be in there and rolls and onions and a raw egg. That does not come in the Cevapcici.

From the Balkans and the Levant is well known that there Knobi and "sharp" purely.

As big as this wonderful area is, the mincemeat rolls in each country are called different and made with other spices and ingredients.

Here are some things that can come in the meat dough.


  • Minced (in Austria "minced") of beef or sheep. There is no pig among the Muslims, but this can already be used by non-Muslims in this country.
  • Spices can be used according to taste:
    • Salt, pepper, paprika powder
    • or Ajvar (= chili paste, that's it? s in the glass in the supermarket.) Is it mild or spicy. Ajvar makes everything nicely juicy.)
    • garlic
    • Savory (be careful not to overuse it, it's very intense)
    • or powdered fenugreek (tastes like herbal cheese.) You can get the powder at the health food store or health food store or you can rub some of such a herb cheese cone (in the fridge shelf).

Always test the spices first, if you like the taste too.


  1. Now mix everything well and form the rolls with moistened (so nothing sticks) hands.
  2. Then off to the pan or on the grill.

Traditional flatbread, beer or ayran (yoghurt drink) and sour cream (as dip) are served.

Sure, a glass of red wine tastes good (whoever is allowed to ...).

(With us? S in the Balkanrestaurants often fries to the Cevapcici.) This is however not true to style.)

And then good appetite!

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