Gyrospfanne - simple and delicious!

This recipe is super easy - and delicious!

It is enough for about 3 - 4 people, depending on how good eaters there are.


500 g of gyros (butcher or frozen)
1 x creme fraiche pure
1 x creme fraiche with herbs
maybe a dash of cream / cream fino
Some salt, paprika, pepper, etc. (to taste)

200 - 250 g noodles (I prefer Macaronelli or Spätzle)

The noodles are cooked as usual - bittersweet! Then drain, they are allowed to cool slightly.

Meanwhile, the gyros can be fried.

In the meantime, mix the two cups of creme fraiche with the spices and a dash of cream.

When the gyros are done, stir the sauce underneath and let it warm, making it nice and light.

Now the noodles come in - nice to fold - and caution, suddenly the pan is well full.

Heat everything for a while, of course stirring / lifting.

Then the pan on the table (rustic) or decant - and good appetite!

If you like, you can of course also roast a few mushrooms with the gyros.

Vegetarian gyros pan - Vegetarische Gyrospfanne | September 2021