Making cute bumblebees as spring messengers

This crafting idea has not sprung from my own brain turns, but comes from the promotional brochure of a shipping for craft supplies, which recently flapped into the house. There were hugely expensive craft kits for these cute bumble bees advertised.

I took a quick look and tinkered with my patients. The Brummers populate the shrubs of our entrance hall in the clinic, proliferate magnificently thanks to my diligent creative group and conjure up - that is the most important thing - a smile on the face of all passers-by.

You need:

  • Styria eggs or balls
  • wooden skewers
  • Acrylic paint (yellow, black)
  • Transparent paper for the wings (quieter a bit sturdier, I used milky-white letterheads)
  • pins
  • Wackelaugen
  • if necessary wire


  • brush
  • Container for drying
  • Malunterlage
  • pencil
  • scissors

?How to do it:

  1. Put a Styrofoam egg on a wooden skewer, paint yellow all around, let it dry (I just stuck the skewers in our flower pots, a glass, a mug or something like that).
  2. Paint the black stripes, ending on the pointed side of the body (the butt) with a black circle, leaving the wider end (the face / head) yellow. Let dry.
  3. Stick on bobble eyes.
  4. Cut one big and one smaller pair of wings out of the tracing paper (I painted the wings by hand, they look like an 8, only slightly wider in the middle, of course).
  5. Kick wing pairs in the middle so that they stand up a bit later. The smaller pair of wings, lay on the larger and fix with a pin on the body.
  6. Either place the bumblebee in a flower pot using the wooden skewer, or remove the skewer and replace it with a piece of wire. Wrap the wire several times around a finger to form a spiral (this has no function, is for decorative purposes only). The bumblebee using the wire on a branch or similar fix.

Have fun after the tinkering!

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