Mobile phone and fast internet

The problem is likely to be known to many bachelors: one would like to be able to quickly go to the Internet, either without time limit, or without volume restriction or ideally without both, and at the same time you also want to be easily accessible. Unfortunately, you have to dial at Telekom for DSL connection nor pay for a phone, even if you through a home area all its phone transactions on the phone handles.

Here is my tip: Compare worthwhile. Vodafone, O2 and T-One all offer the possibility to operate a mobile phone with Homezone, which means: At home one can be reached via a landline number and calls at fixed line prices. T-One combines well with T-DSL, and O2 offers cheap wireless UMTS variants. With E-Plus or Base you can call completely at a fixed price, without a home zone, but everywhere, but that costs more. Important: Get advice directly in the shops, often the consultants make you better offers than you can find on the internet!

Oh, and something else: If you have the choice, you should take one of the more serious providers - T-One, Vodafone, Eplus and O2 each have a good reputation ... smaller providers, of which no one has ever heard should in Internet are checked again, it is dubious provider, you will certainly find many people who complain about it, by only the operator name eg type in Google!

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