Cat does not drink tap water

Many cats drink the tap water without problems, which we give them from the tap, because they are thirsty and do not find or drink rainwater or other stagnant water. We then run to the veterinarian. The pumped the cats first an infusion purely to normalize the dehydration in the cat. This is usually always the case with the flat cats.

The reason why cats prefer to drink stale water or rainwater is as follows:
Our water pipes have to be lead-free by law and they are. However, the water fittings in the apartments and the distribution connections between the water pipes in the houses are not lead-free. With good and expensive dealers you get the lead-free to buy. But the landlords save on it and the ordinary citizens do not know about the risk of leaded water. The cats taste the lead in the water and do not drink it.

If you can not or do not want to replace your fittings or pipe connections, there is the following solution. Allow the cold water to drain for approx. 2 liters, so that it has a uniformly cold temperature and only contains a minimum amount of lead. Then you can offer it to the cats.

Since lead also harms the human baby, if they receive their finished food in the vial, you should do the same as with the cats. Heating water does not help. The lead stays in the water.

10 Tips to Help Your Cat DRINK WATER ???? | March 2023