Mount handlebar grips - durable and weatherproof

Handlebar grips on scooters, kickboards, bicycles, mopeds, mopeds, motorbikes ... easily slip on the handlebars and hold you rock solid after a night in the cellar, if you have something (about 2 tablespoons or 1 half shot glass) of gasoline or even better 2-stroke Mix 1:50 in the handle.

Thumb on it and briefly shake (so that the gasoline spread), then pour out again!

The gasoline dissolves the grip rubber on the surface, the material is a little softer and glibberig.

Now push the rubber grip (possibly with a twisting motion) on the handlebars and leave the vehicle for at least one night!

The remaining gas diffuses in the next few hours by the handle and evaporates, while the handle is vulcanized right down to the handlebar - holds forever and bombproof, in any weather.

The spilled gasoline is of course not in the cast but best again in the tank!

The Cheapest & Best Waterproof Motorcycle Cover! | July 2020