Clean the baking tray

Honestly, there is nothing more annoying than baking sheets to clean! It bothers me less the scrubbing, rather than the clumsiness of things. I have just finished my cookie baking and thus had to be cleaned several sheets. And I had a good idea! (I think * gg *)

Place sheet metal on the worktop, clean with a wet sponge (rinse water). For stubborn stains, I take scouring cream, so I've got everything clean so far. However, of course, now must be rinsed clean and that is in the sink tight.

The solution:
I simply put the sheets in the bathtub, neatly sprinkled with the shower head and there they are now to dry! Leaned V-shaped on the right and left sides of the tub, they hold each other in a good draining position.

How To Clean Sheet Pans | January 2022