Jo's men Aioli

Jo's Men Aioli I was recently asked by a very important person for a recipe for aioli. Since I had made aioli a few times, but only wrote down the ingredients, I could not give her a "real" recipe. So I sat down again and wrote down a "men's recipe". Who does not know it yet: I call them "men's recipes" because I also try to describe the hardware needed. Man (n) can go shopping with the recipe and then has eigendlich everything you need, not only what comes in. I hope you like it and above all you like it.

Something beforehand, as always with my recipes: Stirring is the alpha and omega, that is to say: evenly distributing the ingredients is half the battle (is like the engine: if the oil is not properly distributed, the engine can die). Print out the recipe (or upload it to the mobile part), read through everything completely, go shopping, get started.


  • 1 mixing bowl (30 cm diameter, so that it works with the whisk)
  • 1 small salad bowl or fresh food box (to store)
  • 1 whisk (medium size)
  • 1 sharp kitchen knife medium size (about 20 cm)
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 cutting board
  • 1 schnapps pineapple
  • 1 garlic press (or a very fine garlic cutter)


  • 1 cup of yoghurt (cold)
  • 1 cup of sour cream (cold)
  • 4 pieces of garlic cloves (or 5)
  • 1/2 lemon (cold) or lemon concentrate (cold)
  • light pepper, salt, sugar at will
  • Milk (also cold)
  • Chives (most easily dry from the glass) for garnish


The operation: Peel the garlic cloves: picking toes from the tuber. Cut away the stalk and shorten the pointed end a little bit. Press the toes one after the other on the chopping board with the flat side of the knife, do not crush it. Each toe "cracks" briefly. Then the fiselige shell can be better detached. Slip the yoghurt and sour cream into the bowl (should get something in the cup with the teaspoon). Mix the two ingredients with the whisk. CARES! Do not knock on the crowd as if it were creamy. Smooth and smooth mix until a cream is created. Because: The faster the mass is stirred, the faster it heats up. But we want a cool cream. But do not fall asleep while stirring, otherwise my time will not be correct. Press the cloves of garlic one by one into the mass. Always mix well between each toe (no, still not trying to beat the cream, rather stroking and stirring). The lemon (may also be concentrate) is added. Not too much, otherwise later in the "departure" of the taste a slightly numb feeling on the tongue. A fresh lemon is cut in half and once "crunched" over the cream in his fist (as if you briefly press a tennis ball). Concentrate (in the plastic lemon) simply a "second splash" pure.

The first time about 20-30 minutes the next time about 10 minutes or as the first time :-)

Spice up

Now to taste. Salt and sugar serve as flavor enhancers. The pepper, well it pepper, so give a bit of sharpness. If you take a half-note teaspoon from each of them, you can not do anything wrong. Mix well again, do not mistreat. Try - do not eat, but a half teaspoon is enough! If it is too lax, then add some salt (a portion that goes between 3 fingers) and stir well before the next seasoning. Who likes it a bit "peppery": 1/4 teaspoon (of course, after tasting rinsed off and dried) pepper -> stir -> taste and so on. But CAUTION: Not every one of your guests likes it spicy or too salty, although Aioli always goes a little bit more "salty".


To make the mass a bit creamier, add the milk in small portions (one schnapps pineapple each) and mix well in between (you should now have some practice). Once the cream has the right consistency (which everyone likes), pour into the small bowl (or box). A little chives (in the hollow hand, a pile as big as a 2? Piece) from the middle, outwards, spiral over it sprinkle (not to represent an abstract painting or Michstraße but to bring a bit of color into play) , Then either enjoy immediately or cover until consumed and chill. Feddich!

Aioli graveson 2013 | May 2020