Make ginger sticks yourself

I have an incredible weakness for the ginger candy bars, unfortunately they are quite expensive.

That's why I decided to do it myself and see, it's pretty simple, it just takes some time.

Take ginger, peel it and cut it into small strips as you like it.

Boil the ginger in a pot of water until it is no longer hard.

Then add a cup of sugar to the water and boil the ginger again. Now let it stand covered one day at room temperature. The same procedure the next day, add a cup of sugar to the water, boil the ginger and put the whole thing back on the plate for one day. This now follows a total of four times, on the last day you cook the whole thing without a lid.

The ginger rods are now fished with a sieve or a fork from the ginger sugar water and turn it into a little sugar.

Here I have just taken a small bowl of sugar, thrown the bars and slightly swung the bowl, so that the sugar also spread well on the bars.

Voila - done.
Do not keep the ginger sticks in the fridge as they will be rock hard there.

They succeed really well even if I had finished the whole thing in 3 days on the first attempt out of pure greed.
Test it, they taste at least as good as the purchased ones and at a fraction of the price! :)

EASY DESSERT RECIPES - Soft Ginger Candy Chews (Chinese) [ 姜汁软糖] | August 2021