Old hangover and young kitten get used to each other

I have an older tomcat and got a 9-week-old little tomcat. At first I was very worried that the two would get used to each other easily, but it was easier than I thought!

Have the young cat with caution out of his animal carrier go out by itself. The old cat was just curious with care, both sniffed and lo and behold ... no squabbling!

Before, I rubbed off "every" cat's head with a microfibre cloth and put the old tomcat on his "favorite place". I rubbed both cats off with the body microfiber towel. So everyone picked up the smell from the other cat!

Everything developed well and overnight, both of them played until they found a place to sleep in the cat scratching post.

I also pay attention to feeding together and talk a lot with the two. It helped a lot to rub in some of the body parts of the young tomcat. I have also marked the feeding place and now both play together since the first day. The old cat now has great joy in the little hangover and moves a lot;) are great friends since the first day ...

Best Of Catbug - Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover | January 2022