Penicillin Allergy: Help with itching

After absolutely necessary antibiotic intake (penicillin) it turned out after 1 week that the drug was the trigger of an unpleasant penicillin allergy. I had sudden itching and wheals on my body. What do you do on the weekend?

I put some hot water in the bathtub, dissolved unperfumed "Dead Sea bath salts" in it and for a full bath according to tempered water run.

During 15 minutes of relaxation in the pleasant "salt bath", I noticed that relief really occurred. I have been doing this for 3 days now - rash and itching are almost gone!

Has this possibly already been tried and experienced? Dead Sea bath salts are available in drugstores and also in the supermarket (3 full baths for about 2 Euro).

Skin test detects penicillin allergy with certainty | June 2021