Freeze asparagus

Freezing asparagus is a great tip for all asparagus lovers who do not want to miss out on the year-round enjoyment of tasty sticks:

Fresh asparagus - Class 1 - in sufficient quantities during the German asparagus season (about mid-April to 24 June) buy, peel at home immediately and freeze in portions or as whole rods.

Does the asparagus neither taste nor visually break off (on the contrary - it stands out for classes of otherwise commercially available - for my taste much too thin - freezing asparagus).

Incidentally, you can also freeze the bowls extra and add a handful when cooking the asparagus ... gives a more intense taste, but should be fished before eating the Sargelstangen again from the broth.

To prepare, just take the desired amount of frozen asparagus and cook in boiling salted water (with a little butter, sugar and a squeeze of lemon).

How to Freeze Asparagus without Blanching | January 2021