Pretty decoration for the Easter bouquet: making chicken or chicken

It's already too late for this year, but the next Easter is coming!

For this little Easter cake you only need one piece of yellow (or white) and red thin felt, some colorful paper, a small pointy and sharp pair of scissors, a craft knife, some glue and some feathers. Then you can start already.

This is how it's done:

  1. First, cut out of yellow felt narrow strips (about 9 mm wide) in two different lengths - the longer for the body 30 cm and the shorter for the head about 12 cm long.
  2. These are individually rolled up tightly and the ends are glued. Then body and head are glued together at the splices.
  3. Cut two feet out of red felt (or paper) and stick them under the body.
  4. Cut a comb from red paper and fasten it to the head by cutting a small slit in the middle with a sharp cutter knife and pasting the comb with some glue.
  5. Also made of red paper, a beak is now cut and glued to the head.
  6. For the eyes, two black or brown confetti (from the punch) are glued on.
  7. At will you can cut a fly for the chicken from a different colored paper and stick it on the neck.
  8. Now only 1 to 2 small feathers are missing, which are attached to the body as a tail (just stick it into the felt with the keel).
  9. To hang a loop from a piece of yarn can then be attached to the head.

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Chicken Crafts Ideas - Easter Decorations Ideas | November 2023