Detect the color of the charge indicator light securely

This tip is for everyone who suffers from the so-called red-green-visual weakness. And they are not a few. They often have the following problem:

Certain chargers indicate the charging process with a red glowing indicator light, which changes to green after completion, for normal viewers completely clear, for Farbfehlsichtige unfortunately not.

A simple 3-D glasses (made of cardboard) indicates the way to the remedy: The blue-green color filter for the right eye "swallowed" the red largely, you can not see the light at all. But switch the indicator light to green (charging is complete), you can now see the illumination of the control lamp in the cyan filter very well.

Here in the picture a charger for a cordless screwdriver, but also with chargers for digital cameras, the red-green switching is often used.

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