Save 30% on food - best before date

MHD means MINIMUM shelf life, means that the food can be consumed up to a certain date = recommended exhaustion period. Not the misconception that the food spoils the exact date and you can not eat it anymore.

That's why I've gotten into the habit of looking for the 30% sign and then preferring to buy such products. My experience is that these labels are already partially printed a week before the best before.

A good time for shopping is also Saturday evening so about 1 hour before closing time, because here again before the weekend, a whopping reduction of food takes place, since the weekend is just around the corner and everything must go out.

It can be saved per purchase ever 5-10 €.

Another tip:

At the cash register make sure that the cashier also sees the sign and scans with it, sometimes the signs are so attached that they can easily be overlooked.

The 50 30 20 RULE | Tips To Budget Your Money To Get Ahead Financially | April 2024