Zinc paste for pimples and blackheads!

I myself got this tip some time ago and I am very satisfied. The zinc antibacterial effect I knew for a long time and used - as stated in another article - ZinkCREME.

Since my face was only greasy and my pimples healed only moderately slower, I have asked my doctor for advice.

Zinc CREAM is clearly too greasy for the skin. The pimple absorbs the "new fat" only more.

Therefore my tip:

Get ZincPASTE in the pharmacy. Most pharmacies make it themselves, or stir it yourself and it costs less than 5 euros.

Zinc PASTE is therefore better than cream, because the zinc is highly concentrated and therefore NOT greasy. It is similar to the consistency of toothpaste.

Thin applied, you can even use it under MakeUp.

Simply apply to the affected area and leave overnight.

Side effects are unknown! However, you should use it for at least 1 week.

First results are usually very fast!

Acne | Nucleus Health | June 2020