Clean oven and baking trays made of enamel

Encrustations in the oven disturb me a lot, chemical smell of the cleaner even more. That's why I came up with a "craft" idea to solve encrustations on enamel plates / oven and normal grates.

First, I put everything in the dishwasher (I know, not super energy-saving, but twice a year that's already o. K.). The hottest program please.

This makes everything nice and soft (please do not put the oven in, it does not fit).

Then I take a sanding pad from the hardware store - medium grain size - and scrub everything off. Please try before in inconspicuous place.

For me it works great, even the burned places go away. For larger stains, I'll take the glass ceramic field scraper before.

The door of my oven, I hang out before, then I can get better at everything.

I wish you success!

How To Clean Oven Trays | Good Housekeeping UK | July 2020