Colorful (child) water

Some children drink very unwanted water. But since water is healthier than any other drink, and it is also better for the child's teeth and energy balance than sugary fruit spritzers, sodas, juices or cocoa, it is of course desirable to get the child used to the taste of water and arouse their enthusiasm ,

Since most children talk about colorful things, you can easily make them happy with water. Food colors (as natural as possible!) Can be very helpful there. Just put a few drops in the bubbly or still water.

Smurf water, Lilifeesprudel, witch broth (green) or or have a completely different charm. You can also create "mood water" (red for a great day or similar) ...

In normal PET bottles, this is also good to take to school - and your child will be more than proud to be such a fancy drink with you. With several colors (eg blue and red = purple) other colors can be mixed.

Most children get used to taste quite quickly, so that the color additives are likely to quickly be eliminated. They are definitely healthier than sugar and co.

Colorful Water Sensory Play- Sea Animals, Screen Free Activity | January 2020