Cook potatoes and pasta with very little electricity

Hi, I just looked, to cook noodles with electricity, there is already a tip, but today I have spaghetti completely "cooked" without a stove and with potatoes I have already done that.

noodles: I have hot water with the kettle (is much cheaper than stove, because has much less KW and is faster), and so much that the pot was full, the spaghetti pressed in nicely, which are relatively soft quickly, cover over and pull ,

potatoes: But I boiled this once, no idea, maybe that was not necessary. After an hour they were through.

Since I was unfortunately too long gone, the spaghetti was too soft (about 1 hour), so I would try again and again after 10 minutes, when I next noodles "wasserkoche" I complete the time.

I could imagine that in the long term you would save a lot of electricity.

And it would even be relevant to the environment if so many did. Greenhouse effect, climate change.

How to use a RICE COOKER | Oats, Pasta, Potatoes, Veg, Lentils | September 2020