Create individual grave arrangements yourself with little resources

Grave jewelry always looks the same to me. Even though it comes in different colors, you can immediately see from every arrangement that it was bought. That's not the topic and it's fine with the person who likes it, but I'm not that enthusiastic about these unity arrangements.

Whenever I visit the graves of my dear deceased, I look superficially in the numerous waste containers on the way there. Especially after holidays like All Saints' Day or Christmas, there are usually a lot of arrangements and decoration material. I like to "feed" me with various "decoration material from the bin".

Here for example for two no simple grave arrangements:

  • I painted the wicked hearts found in the waste superficially by means of spray paint, that is, not opaque, white
  • and two red glass hearts as well as the wood decoration also got a splash of color.

Equipped with one plant each and a little knickknack made of craft wire so with little effort and even less funds a little? Warm? Arrangement that cost almost nothing.

But it's not always a question of cost:

On the one hand I find overpaid ready-made arrangements, grave goods for All Saints' Day look the same to me all and I do not like it basically, if beautiful crafting utensils are disposed of carelessly. Often a can of spray paint is enough to change things to your own taste and to customize them.

How To Do A Funeral Flower Arrangement | June 2020