Dog water toy homemade

My dog ​​likes to swim, especially if she can "save" a ball out of the water. With bought swimming balls I did not have good experiences, because too expensive and because the material (neoprene) so soaked with water that the dog is almost drowned.

My tip: Take 2 fine knee socks (alternatively other knee socks, but the fine ones are more stretchy and durable) or the legs of a tights, like with running stitches :), put them together, so that you have the double fabric, and put a tennis ball into it. Close above a knot. From the rest of the "hose" you make a loop. This ball can be thrown wonderfully far by the elastic loop. Of course you can also take 2 smaller balls, but then there will be a knot between both. So you have a cheap and very practical water toys!

Homemade dog sprinkler! (Day 468) | May 2020