Fennel vegetables, tasty and healthy

Fennel vegetables are delicious and healthy. I have always associated fennel with the idea of ​​children's tea and funny aniseed taste.

An acquaintance advised me to prepare the fennel tubers as vegetables and since then I have done so, fennel is by far my favorite vegetable.

It goes well with fish and poultry and does not do much work.


  • 2-3 fennel tubers
  • lime juice
  • Salt, sugar, butter
  • olive oil
  • fresh parsley or dill


The fennel tubers are washed, the brown end slightly cut off and the outer leaves removed if they have stains. Then halve the tubers and cut out the stalk. Now cut into rough strips.

Bring about one liter of water to a boil, add about 2-3 tablespoons of lime juice, sugar and salt to taste.

In the slightly bubbling water, the sliced ​​fennel and everything bubble bubbling about 2-3 minutes. The fennel should still be firm, you have to try it.

In a pan, heat some butter and olive oil, remove the fennel from the pot, pour through a sieve and pan in the pan with the butter and the oil for a short time.

Sprinkle with herbs and arrange. (you can also use the fresh fennel green)

Fennel 101 - How To Buy, Store, Prep & Work With Fennel | June 2024