herbal lemonade

We have a garden in an organic plant (cabbage and turnips Bochum). There is everything you need for the limo. For those who have no garden, do not make the same mistake that I made in the beginning and go to the garden department and ask for Gundermann (unless you want to be declared stupid). Because Gundermann is a weed in non-organic plants, with us it is a weed. So now for the recipe.

You need:

1 L apple juice (homemade or bought, best tarnish)

1 bunch of Gundermann, lemon balm, lemon balm and mint

Juice 1 lemon

Put the whole thing in a jug and let it pull (best over night). The whole thing is mixed with water (whether with or without carbonic acid is a matter of taste) mixed in equal parts. Very refreshing in the summer!

Herbal Lemonade Recipe | May 2020