Herbal therapy with honey

This is a medical opinion on the topic of cold sore therapy:

As a DENTIST, I have a lot to do with herpes labialis. From my point of view, a COMBINATION of classic VIROSTATIKA (e.g., Fenistil Pencivir, etc.) and HONEY is the best symptomatic therapy. I have the following experiences:

Virostatics do not kill viruses, they only prevent further multiplication, but if used properly, they are sufficient to speed healing. It is important to apply the ointment as a thin film about every 60 minutes during the awake phase, and of course just before going to bed. This therapy is "sociable".

ADDITIONALLY, HONEY helps immensely: if you are not among people, honey should be applied by means of a handkerchief in the form of a compress. During the first 2 days best at least 4 times per day for at least 15 minutes. The additional use of honey can make the usual 7 to 12 "herpiestage" just ridiculous 3 days. With antivirals alone such a rapid healing of the herpes labialis my dental experience is not possible.

In this sense, I wish all "sufferers" a speedy recovery.