Hide dowel holes in the bathroom

Dowel holes in the bathroom can be concealed.

Do you know that too? You move to a new apartment / house. You usually have to renovate everything. That's right: But the bathroom is mostly tiled. The tiles do not look bad, so you can live with them. But all those dowel holes! You sometimes wonder what the people were hanging out there. With us it was even the case that our predecessor had a roller blind in front of the window and even curtains on it. Correspondingly many holes were available.

If you seal them with silicone or Moltofil, you will see it anyway. We did not want to tile again, so I covered all holes with shells or similar. (yes bathroom) Just glued with silicone or acrylic. Of course, you can also glue other things on top of it, everyone as he likes it.
Attached some pictures.

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