Money present for a bicycle

Recently I had to make a bicycle money present for my dear brother-in-law for my birthday and that looked like this:


  1. Glue shoe box, decorate with stones and things from nature.
  2. Bills made out of banknotes: fold four 10's for wheels, for frames two 10's, 20's rods, roll bills, go to triangle, wire. For the forks four 5-bills, roll, pull through with wire. Handlebar 20s, saddle 10s and 10s for luggage rack.
  3. Bills can be changed arbitrarily. Connect everything with wire, small details can still be glued on (as you can see on photos).
  4. Bench glued from clothespins. Flowers / backpack are made of foam rubber, beer / fruit made of plasticine, and paint, can also be replaced differently. Print out and cut out signs, names or even photos.

Came great, many guests took pictures and poked me with questions, so I want to publish it.

Have fun after crafting.

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