Never iron shirts again: buy non-iron shirts & more

I have not been ironing men's shirts for 6 years. Nearby, there is a men's shirts manufacturer whose non-iron shirts are really non-iron. They are not cheap, about 30 euros, but it's worth it.

With daily shirts change you can really save the work, unless you iron like. With my husband many shirts were broken and I bought about 40 new shirts, so gradually and of course as gifts.

I wash the shirts in the 30 minutes walk of the washing machine (4 shirts per wash) and hurl 700 revolutions. Then they will be right away! hanged on a hanger and stay there until dressed.

If I can not get them out of the washing machine right away, they will be put in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes and then hung up. I feel like the shirts will last longer, maybe because they will not be ironed.

Vouchers for men's shirts have become coveted gifts, even with my sons who do not like ironing.

This with the tumble dryer is also a good tip for T-shirts: after washing, hang in the dryer for 5 minutes and immediately hang up on hangers. Ironing unnecessary.

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