Make play ropes for dogs

Dog toys can easily do it yourself. You need a discarded shirt or shirt or other fabric, scissors and some time. From this you can tinker a knot rope.

The bigger the dog, the more material you need. In general, but a T-shirt, even for thick ropes. For a colorful rope you take the material from several T-shirts.

How to braid:

Cut the T-shirt lengthwise into strips about 2 to 3 centimeters wide and make sure that the stripes are as long as possible.
For very small dogs, three individual stripes are enough. For larger dogs braid three to five or more strips per strand.

First, a firm knot is made at the top. To tighten this as tight as possible. For very wide / multiple stripes you can also tie the strand with a thinner ribbon, also this knot must be very firm.

Now the strands are braided down as tight as possible. As soon as there are only about three fingers left, the lower end is tied or tied up. Then the toy is ready.

By the way: I took a pillowcase for our dog. I had the impression that our dog lady immediately liked it, just because it smelled a little bit of me and not the chemistry of a purchased game rope.

How to tie your own Rope Dog Toy | September 2021