Old shoes as a plant container for house sausages

I have a huge collection of succulents. And I have a not too small collection of shoes ... even if the latter break, it is still hard for me to dispose of the beloved pieces. So why not bring both together and already I have a new garden object?

The classically cut boots of my son had practically anyway holes in the sole, because I needed to drain no drain more and in my novel Sandals are anyway many holes in it. In that case, I took a silk knee sock and stuffed it with earth so it would not be washed away. Stuffed in the shoe, turned up and ready was my "flowerpot".

With a sharp craft knife I then cut small slits to place the baby house sausages. That went very well even with the boots. The beauty of Hauswurzen is that they are so frugal and grow more or less everywhere.

If the shoes are nicely overgrown, I will try again to take a photo, so that you can see that.

Wait until then happy :)

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