Autumn apple for birds - decoration and bird food at the same time

Not only do I like apples, but also the birds around the corner serve us when I put you an apple. With some wire ribbon and a rosehip shrub, the birdseed also turns into a beautiful autumn decoration.

The good thing about the apple is that it provides energy to birds through the contained fructose and provides them with additional liquid. When it freezes, I only give apples to apples as a whole. Cut into pieces, they freeze too fast. So that the whole thing does not look so loveless, I've spiced up a nice red apple with wire and rosehips. Pull the apple onto a wire or a colored wire band. I drilled a hole in the apple with a Japanese chopstick and pulled through a wire band. At the bottom of the apple wire or a small piece of wood attach so he can not fall down immediately.

Anyone who pulls solid wire through the apple can use two wires and screw the two ends down as screws. So the apple not only keeps better, it looks better too. If you do not have a wire, you can also screw in a long screw and attach a string to it. Insert a few rose hips into the apple and fix with wire or wire tape. I still had a matching butterfly that suited the rosehips. As soon as the apple was hung up, the blackbirds were already making their way over my apple in the morning.

Christmas Tree Turned Bird Feeder ???????????? // Garden Answer | December 2022