Pack spices and herbs for sauces or soups "of course"

Some hobby cooks love herbs and spices that are used in sauces and soups. But not the ones you get in powder form. The problem was getting these herbs and grains out again after cooking.

There are plenty of tips: In the tea-egg, filter bag, etc. Today I saw in a cooking show that there is also a simple and ingenious way!

Soup greens (carrot, celery and leek) are used in sauces and soups. For leeks, you often only use the green part. But in the show you took the white part of the leek and wrapped the spices and the herbs there!

If you do not get kitchen yarn, you can also use simple sewing thread! Grandma's roulades have also kept it that way. :-)

Bak Kut Teh | 肉骨茶 | Bakute [Nyonya Cooking] | April 2024