Pasta salad oriental style

I have been doing oriental dances for several years now. We are 2 groups and again and again we just sat down to talk, then everyone brings something to eat. This time I tipped off a pasta salad, which thankfully also arrived very well.

Ingredients and preparation:

Chickpeas (calm from the tin) - rinse well, they foam like red beans.

Pasta - cook in salted water, drain, allow to cool.

Dice 1 garlic clove or pour it through the garlic press.

Broth, salt, pepper, cilantro, cumin, mint (there are also dried in Turkish grocery stores under Nane, which smells great and tastes even better), lemon - best freshly squeezed, sugar, olive oil, tomatoes - remove the middle and the Cut remainder into small pieces, cut snake cucumber - also into nice small pieces.

So, first I dissolve the broth in some water, then lemon and sugar add to taste. Then the knofi and the herbs, as well as the remaining spices come into the dip. The whole thing I leave so 10 minutes to draw (in the time you can trim tomato and co.). I taste the sauce for a short time, then the noodle comes in, stir well, now the vegetables and most important the chickpeas. Carefully stir otherwise the chickpeas will give you faster slush.

If you like, you can add a few olives or sheep's cheese. It is also delicious to replace the oil with natural yoghurt (but then the not so low-fat).

The salad has the great advantage that it can stand longer in the summer when barbecuing without the need to be afraid because of the Mayo.

Chicken Noodle Salad - Chilled Asian-Style Noodles - Food Wishes | May 2020