Peppers compatible and cheap

Many people do not tolerate raw peppers. I also suffer from eating under unpleasant "peasant".

In addition, a kilo usually costs about 3.50 or even 3.99 kilos.
Occasionally, however, the "tricolor bags" are cheaper
eg 500g red, green and yellow for 1,50?

Cook a bay leaf, onion pieces, garlic cloves of peppercorns and a little salt in vinegar water.
Try! The broth should appeal to you - sour and slightly salted.
Wash the peppers, chop them and simmer briefly in this vinegar water - the peppers should be crisp - maybe 2 min.

Pour into cooked jam jars. Pour the brew at least 1 cm below the edge and close tightly. If necessary, add some more vinegar.

More exact Einkochtips is available on the Internet.

The peppers in the jar are cheaper, wholesome, long-lasting and fast on hand for sauces, salads or as a snack to the Turkish flatbread with olives and hot peppers.

Companion Planting With Peppers | July 2020