Pump out of hoses

I just wanted to get out of my car, the cooling water without having to buy a pump ... after some time, then I have come up with an old attempt from the physics class!

You take:

- 3 pieces of hose (2 longer (about 50cm), 1 shorter (30cm), diameter depending on your preference, the best are 6-8mm)
- 1 T-piece (to choose the diameter!)

Everything available in the hardware store, in the garden department, cost about 4 EUR!

This 3 pieces of hose is attached to the tee!

And this is how it works:

Hold a long hose in the container that you want to empty. IMPORTANT: the other long piece of hose must be lower than the vessel (this is the trick)! Liquid is sucked in on the short piece of hose, while the lower hose is held with the thumb. When the liquid comes, one releases the thumb and the liquid flows down by itself into the collecting vessel, a glass or something else.


Replacing Hydraulic Hoses on a 36 inch Walk Behind | September 2020