Remaining beautiful memory of childhood

I had a gift: a collage that I made from old memorabilia to my childhood.

Inspired by a previous tip with old spoons here on TheFruitAndFlowerBasket I came back to my old silver children's cutlery, which had been in a drawer for decades. The result was a "souvenir object", which now has its permanent place in sight.

Personally, I've used the following things:

  • my silver children's cutlery
  • an old photo with my parents and me
  • a lace ribbon crocheted by my mother decorating the kitchen shelves in my parents' home
  • the photocopy of an old children's song matching the planned object
  • a correspondingly large photo frame, preferably old or made on old (shabby chic)
  • Pearls, hearts, ribbon? yes to taste
  • Filzklebepads
  • Hot glue gun

The finished object is mostly self-explanatory:

  1. A matching song text with notes is framed like the old crochet border. (The crocheted border was very long, so I did not have to cut it up, so I gathered the rest on the back.)
  2. The individual pieces of cutlery I have assembled with the help of the glue gun.
  3. I stuck a felt glider into the bucket to straighten the curvature so that the photo rests better.
  4. The cutlery is glued to the outer glass (hot glue can be easily removed at any time).
  5. Pearls and ribbon decorate the cutlery.

The song I found on the Internet and add it to print when needed as Tippfoto picture # 3 at.

I like the idea of ​​putting old mementos in the limelight and I also like those contrasts with my modern, reduced style of living.

In addition, things from my youth are very important to me and are always lovingly worshiped.

Maybe one or the other may take up the idea and change it accordingly: as a Mother's Day present, for a sibling birthday or for a grandchild for a later remembrance? There are so many ways to lovingly remember or be reminded of good old times.

Here is an additional tip:

When my much older Canadian sisters visited me last summer and we probably all met together for the last time, I left u. a. for each of us print cups as a reminder:

With an old photo on which we can see all four. I attach it as an additional tip for very personal gifts my Tippfotos.

Of course, the idea of ​​having cups printed is not new, but sometimes you have to be reminded of what you can do without much effort.