Tip for a tip

I notice more and more that all "tip-givers" pay attention to "idiot-proof". Sometimes it's amazing how much "thumbs down" are considered useful tips for some. A lot is known - maybe some tips are double - but who is always looking specifically for the tips? In any case, I'm grateful that there is Mutti.de and even as an "old housewife" there are often times in the "News" things that I had simply forgotten or I just did not know!

To all Mecker aunts and uncles: Ignore tips that you do not care about, those that you do not like and please criticize only those that you have really tried! Would make life easier for many who put their tips in a good mood!

Maybe now and then instead of "thumbs down" just time reserved would be announced?

5 Tricky Tip Situations | Tipping Rules | How To Leave Gratuity Correctly | Takeout & Bad Service | June 2020