Against Absence - Tips for Training Memory

Oh, the memory ... here are some tips for the absent-minded, or against distraction- training of memory:

You know that for sure, I know it well: You are in the kitchen and cooking. For this you need, say, the rice from the pantry. Or a new tube of tomato paste.

You go into the pantry - and after 5 steps you do not know what you really wanted there.

By contrast, it helps to mentally connect the part you want to get with a matching object. People say to each other before you go: I go to the pantry to get the rice that tastes so delicious with my chicken dish. It works!

Another example: You want to get out of the closet the summer clothes that you have stowed there. Now you are standing in front of the open cupboard - that's how far you've come, after all - and puzzles what you want here.

Before you go to the closet, you tell yourself: I will now get the summer clothes out of the closet, so I have it nice and airy in the garden or on vacation!

In most cases, it works. It was certainly distracted when such a blunder happens. Either you wanted to do three things again at the same time - or it rings at the front door, etc. and then you are totally distracted.

Even twenty-year-olds should have already happened, that they do not know, why they want to turn on the TV instead of the remote control!

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