Apply fleece-lined on both sides of synthetic leather

The latest spiral pencil case had to be beefed up and individualized with a horse motif. Unfortunately, I do not have an embroidery computer or a plotter, so a purchased application had to fulfill its purpose. Since this application was almost as dark as the artificial leather, I did not have sufficient contrast and therefore additionally - in the color matching the zipper - chose a light fabric as a base. This is where my tip comes in.


  1. Finish the case - note: Since the motif is to be ironed on, the selected surface must be evenly spread = laid flat on the ironing board. Please bear this in mind before closing appropriate (side) seams. In my case
  2. ... I put the pencil case with closed zipper in front of me on the table and tried out, in which part of the artificial leather spiral the application is to be applied. I marked this place with a pin.
  3. As a precaution I stitched the contours of the horse again with a straight stitch and exactly matching upper thread, because the pencil case is also always slightly rounded at this point and I wanted to avoid that the application by the constant taking in the hands at some point :-( The bobbin thread is still arbitrary at this point ...
  4. Iron the application with Vlieseline on the right side of the fabric (generously dimensioned!) And let it cool down!
  5. Use pencil / textile marker to record the contour of the (yellow) background fabric and cut away the fabric remnants along with the fleece line along this line.
  6. Now scrape the protective layer of the fleece line on the back and carefully remove it.
  7. After I had tried before with success, that you can Iron Vlieseline also on the front of artificial leather ... the fabric including application with the adhesive Vlieseline side down on the right Place the side of the imitation leather at the marked position - Not press, but one last time check the position and size of the fabric border - now something can be changed - no more ...
  8. Then as indicated (instructions on the net, if not given with the purchase) under damp cloth iron on the fabric with application and let cool well again!
  9. Meanwhile on the sewing machine matching upper and (especially with my "visible" pencil case) bobbin thread the fabric with the application on it all around with a zigzag stitch.

Try this on a fabric remainder before: Especially the stitch length not too tight, so that the artificial leather does not break or tear ...

Unfortunately, I have no Stickvlies put under the presser foot - I should have known it: Due to the imitation leather I had mini problems when sliding the presser foot. Since the distance to be sewn was not too big, I was lucky again ... By the way: If no embroidery fleece at hand, then also goes to baking paper or tissue paper!

Oh, yes: If possible, one (open / transparent) Appliqué use.

Maybe you can think of other opportunities, where you can use Vlieseline in combination with imitation leather. Let's hear from you! Exactly that complements my hints - look forward to it!

The Leather Element: Applying a Leather Liner with Contact Cement | June 2020