Aronia berries give strawberry jam a hearty taste

Dried aronia berries from the health food store are a veritable powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. For a long time now, juice and jam have been cooked in Poland and Russia. Here you can find them in organic and health food stores. The dried berries are blue-black and taste tart-sour, but very pleasant.

Strawberry jam gets an unexpected taste kick through these berries. The sweet strawberry combines perfectly with the bitter Aronia berry.

This morning I cooked another jar of strawberry jam, as I described in a tip on TheFruitAndFlowerBasket. If fruit is left over or not very nice, simply put it in a saucepan and cook to taste with a little sugar to taste. Since the amount is small, this is lightning fast.

Crush with the potato masher and cook until the jam thickens. I added about 12 tablespoons of strawberries and 2 apricots, about 2 tablespoons of aronia berries and 3 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt. This results in about a screw and is eaten in a few days determined. So you do not need more sugar - which otherwise serves for preserving.

Prairie Yard & Garden: Small Hardy Fruits | September 2020