Make party salads with onions last longer

Summer, sun, barbecue season ... now there are again large bowls party lettuce such as potato, noodle, rice, sausage salad & Co. For many of these salads are loud on recipe onions with pure. However, raw onions can - despite good cooling - allow the salad to "tip over" in a relatively short time (fermentation).

So if you Preparing large amounts of salad for a party and / or knowing that the salad will not be out in a few days and / or any leftovers are left over, then we recommend the following:

Sweat the onions (diced or in rings, etc.) in a little oil at low heat for about 5-10 minutes. But: please do not roast - the onions may only be glassy, ​​but do not accept any color!

Then allow to cool briefly and then use as usual according to the salad recipe.

The shelf life - a good cooling of course provided - increased by a few (!) Days, I also noticed that the salads are also a little wholesome.

Good succeed!

Vinegar & Onion Salad : Salads | June 2022