Beautiful curls without much effort

Hello to all the stress-prone early morning curly hair dryer ... it's also easier - at least shoulder-length hair.

I have pretty dry hair and care for it with high quality hair care oils - or with the product "After Party" by Tiggy

In the evening I make myself a ponytail and put this as high as possible on the top of the head, rubber band over it, care products like o.e. in the
Ponytail, especially in the tips.

Then my beloved winder on it ... between 3 and 7 pieces, depending on your mood and desired intensity of curls.

The curlers are called Curly quick and are available on the Internet, unfortunately only on a few providers.

They look open like normal papilots, but can be closed to a ring and have an adhesive effect.

Always take a thinner strand of hair, put it in the middle of the winder, then I turn it more helical in one direction, fix the first winder very briefly with a clasp, then roll up the other winder as well and fix the whole thing on the first winder.

Unfortunately, I can describe it somehow hard but imagine it as the Olympic rings into each other.

The parts disturb zero when sleeping, in the evening into the dry hair with care - and in the morning the hairstyle then takes a minute ...

Have not found anything better to date and all the other sleep wizards may conjure up curls, but no sleep.

IT'S NOT CHEATING: Beautiful Curls with NO Heat or Rollers! (Wake up with perfect hair) | September 2020