Caramelised vegetables

Do not mind vegetables? Try it caramelized ... there are vegetables that you eat super good and which one does not tear so .... With me it's the kohlrabi, which I really do not like so much and also the earthy taste of beetroot and chard is not the best for me. Aaaaber, if I caramelise the vegetables, so sweet / sour prepare, then I can sit down! Base - dry pan, add sugar, browning gently over medium heat, add chopped onion and garlic clove, add some smoked bacon (not much, just taste) with wine or juice. Season with salt and pepper, sometimes with chili, sometimes with ginger. Rosemary, thyme or other herbs are doing well. Simmer gently, sprinkling with wine, juice or broth. In front of it comes the pre-cooked vegetables. Pull through with a decent spoonful of lingonberries or simply sour jam and finally a piece of butter. This vegetable may be garnish, you can put a shortcrust pastry on it and process it into a quiche (pretty if you divide three vegetables into rings on the quiche) I just like to eat it with just a few boiled potatoes or pasta. To avoid misunderstandings - those who do not like sweet / sour, should forget it and I do not call on the entire nation to imitate this cooking idea. But if it appeals - he may eat unloved vegetables in the future with more joy!

Sweating, Sauteing, and Caramelizing Veggies | June 2020