Clean clogged drain with detergent and water only

You have a thin, winding and clogged drain (such as in the shower) in which the water runs through a ball of hair only minimally?

The solution:

  1. Add two to three drops of dish soap to the drain.
  2. Then bring in a kettle about 1.5 liters of water for cooking and pour the water slowly into the drain.
  3. Always fill it up to the edge of the drain and let it drain until the kettle is empty.
  4. Repeat the procedure again and the hair ball should dissolve abruptly. (Habs tried 5 minutes ago, works great!)
  5. Never use drain-free on the plastic pipes of a shower! Drain-free, when combined with water, forms an acid that will etch the pipes and cause enormous heat build-up.
  6. In addition, drain-free usually only dissolves the blockage and makes it hard as concrete shortly thereafter.

How to unclog a toilet using hot water & dish soap. MONEY before calling a plumber! | August 2020