Clean window folds

There are supposed to be people who have other hobbies but have ever returned an apartment to the critical landlord or property manager? Gladly it is argued that part of the deposit must be deducted for a thorough cleaning, the next tenant would like a clean apartment presented. Clean windows are part of the overall positive impression.

In everyday life, time is often enough only to clean the windows, maybe even the frame. However, if you want to do a basic cleaning (must), my tip may help.

In the window folds likes to accumulate a considerable amount of dirt, dust, pollen, insects, so a nice mixture that is like compressed when closing the window really. Some places are still accessible with sponge and cloth, but not all. My discarded oral irrigator serves me well in the hard to reach places. She washes everything away effortlessly.

And you can insist under the kritsichen look of the "happy to keep a part of the bailwollenden" landlord woman. However, this cleaning method can also be used during the rental period.

How To Tilt In Window For Cleaning | May 2020