Crispy sausage with milk

Summertime = Grillzeit: Who is not happy about a tasty, crispy grilled sausage?

Everyone knows about onion rings, but not everyone likes onions, so this tip: Approx. Put the raw sausages in milk for 10-15 minutes.

You'll be amazed at the result - just delicious.

Satzfratz: Hello? It's about bratwurst and not about animal health!
Why must every nice and well-intentioned tip be made down here?
If milk is too precious, it does not have to be used, and whose cats do not drink milk is completely uninteresting for this tip.
I think the tip is good, I will try it and then actually pour away the 100ml of milk, just as I actually throw away the remainder of the egg used for breading and also the flour and breadcrumbs.
Any questions? gordita: It's a mystery to me. Ongoing tips and suggestions are set. Why are they disappearing while 6-year-old tips are being revived? Nothing against good tips. In any case, I would never put a bratwurst, if I had the money for it, into milk and then hand it over to the sink. Milk is for me, even with my meanwhile 63 years, a healthy and digestible food. For the reasons I've given, I'd give a thumbs-down. But negative thumbs are indeed abolished for a long time.
Anyone who abuses the milk for such an event, sure enough champagne to crisp fried sausage to the point.

Crispy Crepe Sausage // PU STREET FOOD ???????? | July 2020