Decalcifier and cleaner made from orange peel & vinegar - homemade

This cleaner and decalcifier made of orange peel and vinegar is a natural product and versatile.

I clean with him the toilet, shower, bath and sink. Not suitable for natural stone floors, joints and rubber seals.

I still had some oranges that I squeezed out to the juice. Since my orange cleaner that I had made myself, is almost empty, I needed new again. He is very easy to make.

You need:

  • a big glass with a screw cap
  • a sieve
  • an empty spray bottle
  • Orange peel, citrus peel, tangerine peel or grapefruit, who wants mixed too
  • normal white vinegar, 5% no essence.

So you have for a few cents a fruity-smelling cleaner.


  1. Cut the orange peels slightly smaller.
  2. Layer the shells into the glass.
  3. Pour vinegar over the skins, they must always be covered with vinegar, otherwise they can mold. You can also start with fewer bowls and gradually cover them with glass of vinegar.
  4. Let stand for 2 - 3 weeks, the cleaner is ready when the vinegar has become darker.
  5. Now it is strained into an empty spray bottle.
  6. Does not have to be in the fridge, is very durable.

All purpose Orange cleaner - DIY | May 2024