Eliminate mold on the wall

Blow away wall mold with a fan frame.


  • 9 PC fans from the scrap
  • 1 computer power supply
  • Roof battens, screws
  • Wires, soldering iron, insulation

First time to explain how mold is created in the home

In each apartment there is at least one point on the wall, which is much colder than the rest. We also breathe moisture, sweat, when cooking creates moisture, when opening the dishwasher, while bathing, etc. etc. etc.

If the moisture reaches the coldest spot on the wall, the steam then becomes water and this is where mold can form. The moisture migrates into the wall, maybe there are still leaks from the outside.

If you want to get that structurally under control, it is usually not easy and in no case cheap, let alone it is afloat.

One way out: the ventilation frame

If we could buy it, it would be expensive. So we just make it from mass produced parts that end up as electronic waste, so we even improve the eco-balance, by the way.

So you need several computer fans, all of which work with the power from the computer power supply. There are even plug in it, you can use, otherwise the soldering iron is required to connect the fan to the power.

Then build them flat in a wooden frame, e.g. 3 rows, 3 columns, wood in between, that is, between each row is a continuous intermediate wood, on which you can attach well the power supply. It makes sense to pay attention when mounting that the frame is fixed and the fans are firmly seated, because the fans generate wind, rotation and vibration and the firmer everything is, the quieter it is.

Important are the power connections. They have to be isolated very precisely. If you want to do it right, you can use a heat shrink tube. In any case, one should proceed carefully and accurately and make no security compromises.

So, when the frame is finally finished after hours of tinkering, you drilled at the affected spot a dowel hole with hooks and hang the whole frame just like a picture frame.

The effect is enhanced when the air drifts away from the wall.

Before you can still concentrate the place with vinegar. Wash. But then carefully. Also, acetic acid is a chemical and cleaning gloves and adequate ventilation would be important, especially during the subsequent drying phase of the wall.

What happens is that the wall gets bone-dry in no time. What has accumulated for years in the wall of moisture is completely gone in a few days. I have already seen that a water stain on the outside wall disappeared within 3 days. If you have several or larger digits, simply hang the frame several times. You can leave the dowel, if then comes after several years again mold, the effort is only in the minute range.

The alternative with such things means rebuilding. Since the time required for this method by comparison is insignificant. Also, the cost of electricity compared to room dryers is insignificant, even the cost of completely re-buying all the components compared to a new or rented dryer.

But all the benefits are not important, if you do not pay attention to safety, after all you work with electricity!

Also, a grille or a glass fiber fly screen would actually make sense, so that no one can go unprotected in the fans. So careful handling is very important, but you can get rid of the annoying mold virtually for free from the neck.

Maybe someone else has computer recycling ideas ...

How to Get Rid of Mold | The Home Depot | August 2020