Glass noodles: Lukewarm glass noodle salad - perfect for summer

Yesterday evening, I ordered a salad with glass noodles and thought: Ok, I'm sure you can. So I made it today, because I did not want to eat hot food. I took for the glass noodle salad: 2 packs of glass noodles 1/2 small Chinese cabbage 1 good handful of cashews 250 g chicken fillet 1/2 cucumber cocktail tomatoes white wine vinegar balsamic vinegar brown sugar 1 tbsp herbs salt brown sugar chicken spice and gyros spice oil roasted onions The chicken I have half deep-frozen into thin slices and slightly marinated with the chicken spice, the gyros spice and the oil. In the meantime, I doused the glass noodles with hot water and allowed to simmer, the vegetables and the salad are snipped. Then I made a dressing out of the balsamic and white wine vinegar, some sugar and salt. Ok, then again, but that's how I did it: D ... so: then I roughly chopped the nuts and brought them to the frying pan with no oil, and added them to the vegetables. The chicken I seared - spicy - and also added. The herbs just sprinkled over it. I then put the touched dressing in the hot pan and let it cool again. Now I've mixed everything together and we have let us taste it and the bottom line of it are two people for the price of a salad full and it was really delicious :) We also found that he is determined without meat a great barbecue. You can certainly extend wonderfully: soy sprouts and thin carrot sticks, I can imagine great! Or other meat or shrimp or or or. Achso: Who has a tip for "glass noodle make small": Come on ... because that was the only stupid that he did not eat so well.

Easy Summer Thai Noodle Salad Recipe - Yum It | June 2020