Toilet cleaning to smile

Instructions for cleaning your toilet:

  1. Open the toilet lid and fill with 1/8 cup of animal shampoo.
  2. Pick up your cat and scratch her while gently moving towards the bathroom.
  3. At a suitable moment, throw your cat in the toilet bowl and close the toilet lid. You may want to put the lid on yourself.
  4. The cat will now start the cleaning process independently and produce enough foam. Do not be irritated by loud noises from the toilet, your cat enjoys it!
  5. Now operate the toilet flush several times to initiate the "Power Wash" procedure and the subsequent rinsing.
  6. If you are standing on the toilet lid, ask someone to open the front door. Make sure there are no people between the toilet and the front door.
  7. Then open the toilet lid as quickly as possible. Due to the high speed of your cat, its fur is dry-blown by the drafts.
  8. Toilet and cat are both clean again.

PS: Did not try a cat and the tip, it just seemed funny!

Powercleaning: Toilet edition -Power drill cleaning method- | July 2020