Losing weight for a long time - Healthy relation to food

Losing weight in the long run: I am slowly tired of reading, what to do without, etc., to lose weight. There is an entire industry that lives from this topic and whose goal is the yo-yo effect, so you always on powder, expensive fitness offers u.v.m. recourse.

I myself received these tips from doctors and dieticians whose goal was to give me a healthy connection to food.

So here are the "rules"

  1. Eat regularly. Whether three large or five small meals does not matter, the main thing to stick to fixed times (constant blood sugar works WUNDER)
  2. Do not diet: about 1800 kcal per day are appropriate.
  3. EAT NOTHING between meals.
  4. Mainly drink water, NO drinks with sweetener, better off and on juice or if need be very diluted spritzer, but not as
  5. Ever drink.
  6. Cook yourself, no finished products, no ingredients that you do not know.
  7. Rarely (once every 14 days) or never fast food.
  8. Every meal includes a small dessert (fruit, cottage cheese ...) -> avoids the desire for sweets in between.
  9. If you like sweets, eat sweet lunches 1 time per week (of course no dessert afterwards)
  10. Mornings: 2 rolls, halved and occupied, in the evening 3 slices of bread occupied.
  11. Butter, no light foods, no supplements ... just eat normal food.
  12. Exercise a bit daily (walking, cycling ...) and doing sports at least once a week.

So in principle: do not change anything big. The finished things are unhealthy, everybody knows. In principle, the most important thing is the raininess and that itself
cook and the discipline, not to save! The body needs everything, fat does not make you fat, only in combination with sugar, which is the case with fast food. If you are full regularly, you have no desire to snack in between.

I know many who have lost weight. It is also normal to increase a bit in the first place because the body needs to get used to it. So: patience and confidence!

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